Translations for fashion

Whatever fashion & luxury sector you are in, Fashion Words speaks the language you need. Our highly qualified team provides translation services to help your fashion brand win over the international market.

Give your brand an international dimension

Do you want to extend the reach of your brand? Thanks to its team of language experts and forward-looking outlook, Fashion Words lets you communicate your brand identity worldwide. Only with an impeccable translation service will you be able to convey your know-how and values, thus strengthening your relationship with your global audience and establishing a lasting bond of trust.

Translation for fashion:
the details make all the difference

In fashion, there is a need for precision, not just style. Every fabric has its own precise characteristics, every material has to be described using the right terms, and units of measurement and sizes have to be adapted to the target market: this is why Fashion Words delivers all translations with the utmost attention to every detail.

Our employees are not only passionate about fashion, they also possess meticulous technical expertise, and work to help you say what you want, exactly as you want.

The language of fashion

Not all fashion brands are the same: each one speaks a specific language that reflects its history and identity. When it comes to making your voice heard, Fashion Words is able to translate style, brand voice and technical language and adapt them perfectly to your brand’s unique way of expressing itself, enabling you to reach even the most diverse countries and cultures.

Tailor-made language solutions for fashion brands

Fashion collections

Give every item in your fashion collections an international voice: with our professional translation service, every product description will speak the language of your global audience.

Global marketing

The translation of newsletters, landing pages, social media posts and online ads is the solution you need to connect with your audience on an international level.

Websites and e-commerce

The website translation service will allow you to extend the reach of your brand to effectively target an international audience and easily increase online sales.

International SEO

Conquer top search positions by using tailor-made keywords, optimising product descriptions and refining your website’s metadata.

Multimedia content

The translation service for your media content will give you videos with subtitles that communicate in the most appropriate way with each culture, and thus establish authentic connections with your international audience.


Our language solutions in sustainability report translation will enable you to demonstrate to your international stakeholders your brand’s commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Multilingual content
for each fashion sector

The specific sector in which your brand operates requires equally specialised translations that fully convey your expertise. Fashion Words’ vertically integrated expertise gives you the ability to express yourself precisely, whatever your fashion industry.

Why Fashion Words?

Fashion experts

Our highly specialised fashion team provides effective solutions that will make your style shine in any language, so that you instantly stand out in the global market.

Time to market

Our high level of linguistic and technological expertise in the world of fashion helps you maximise your time to market, thus enabling your brand to stay one step ahead.

Customised service

Just like a tailor-made suit, our language services are perfectly adapted to your brand requirements. Our project managers will treat each of your requests with the utmost care and customisation.

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