Language services
for the fashion industry

Are you looking for language solutions that are perfectly tailored to your fashion brand? With expertise focused on translation and copywriting for the fashion industry, Fashion Words helps you build effective communication that is able to conquer international markets.

We drive the international growth of fashion brands

Tailor-made language solutions for fashion brands all over the world

Our wide range of multilingual solutions is designed to provide you with customised content and expand your business globally.

International collections

Your products will find a unique and recognisable voice, which is able to communicate perfectly with your global target audience.

International marketing

We translate and localise newsletters, web pages, social media content and online ads so that they reach the heart of your international audience.

Websites & e-commerce

Expand your reach, win over your global audience and increase your online sales.

International SEO

Make your brand climb to the top of search engine rankings with our translation services that include accurate keyword analysis, product description refinement and optimisation of your website metadata.

Multimedia content

Get to the heart of your global audience with flawless subtitle translation for your videos.


Show your brand’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion by translating sustainability reports for your international stakeholders.

Fashion experts

We have been an integral part of our clients’ internationalisation and global marketing teams for years. We offer customised solutions that combine technical expertise, multilingual content and innovative digital strategies.

Focus on the fashion industry

We are a translation agency specialising exclusively in the fashion sector. This is why we fully understand the complexities and varied facets of an industry that can significantly influence social norms and cultural perceptions. We are also aware that the world of fashion is anything but monolithic: the storytelling of a sportswear brand is completely different from that of a leather goods or eyewear brand. Hence our offering of language solutions that are specific to each fashion sector and tailor-made to meet the needs of each brand.

What sets us apart

We give your brand a globally recognisable voice

Our team of experienced linguists will make your brand speak with a unique and instantly recognisable Tone of Voice, driving it into your international target markets. We scrupulously follow all guidelines, even the most complex or unusual, to ensure that the essence of your brand is conveyed flawlessly and consistently in every project.

Technological innovation at the heart of fashion translations

Our specialised technology tools ensure fast, cost-effective and flawless results. We use brand-specific translation memories and term bases, together with artificial intelligence-enhanced workflows, to deliver efficient, high-quality content that meets the dynamic needs of the fashion industry.

Specialised teams with a tailor-made workflow for each brand

We assign a personal team of copywriters and translators to each brand, to ensure a thorough understanding of your unique style and full compliance with your terminology preferences and guidelines, and thus deliver consistent, high-quality content. Our team can seamlessly integrate with your brand’s internal workflow, whether for single-service projects or those involving both copywriting and translation. 

Seamlessly integrated processes to keep up with the speed of fashion

Our specialisation in the fashion industry allows us to fully understand the dynamics of the world in which your brand operates. We have adapted our processes to be perfectly in line with the fast pace of the industry to ensure that each project fully meets our customers’ expectations. The optimisation of our processes means we can provide extremely fast translation and copywriting services, with the ability, where necessary, to deliver within the hour.

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