Translation services for the lingerie and underwear industry

Whether your brand makes romantic lingerie or high-tech fabrics, our translation services guarantee clear and persuasive communication in all languages. This means your underwear brand can gain the recognition it deserves on a global scale.

Translations for lingerie brands that are up with the times

Just as your exquisite lingerie designs are the result of many years of study, practice and dedication, the multilingual solutions we offer here at Fashion Words are the result of the tireless work of professional linguists with a great passion for fashion and vast experience in the fashion industry. Armed with their expertise, our translators will not only transpose your content from one language to another, but they will also reformulate it so that it is in tune with your target audience. With a special focus on the interests and needs of your international clientèle, your voice will be perfectly embroidered on the fabric of different cultures and tastes.

Multilingual content for all types of underwear

Maternity underwear
Bridal lingerie
Antibacterial and antifungal underwear
Romantic lingerie

Win the trust of your customers with multilingual product descriptions

Thanks to Fashion Words’ translation services, the outstanding features of your garments will be highlighted in all languages: the quality and comfort of the chosen fabrics, the sophistication of the design and the type of fit will be communicated in a way that will win the trust of international consumers. Our translators will select each word with the utmost care so that it best reflects your brand’s values and intentions, resulting in coherent, clear and appealing texts for your online store or marketplace sites.

Reach every corner of the planet via social media

Our team of experienced linguists will support your underwear brand in developing the most appropriate communication strategy to inspire and build customer loyalty in a wide range of consumers worldwide. With language choices tailored to your target audience, our professional translators will make your social media posts and ads your ace in the hand for expanding your presence in the global market.

Limitless lingerie: e-commerce site translation

Growth opportunities in the digital world are increasing all the time: take advantage of them by choosing Fashion Words’ translation services, which will allow your brand to shine beyond its national borders. Thanks to the expertise of our team of linguists, your lingerie pieces will be presented in your audience’s native language and the content will be tailored to their cultural quirks. By speaking straight to the heart of your international customer base, your online store will become accessible to a wide range of consumers, opening the door to the global market and offering you new opportunities for development.

Content compliant with European law

Expanding into the European market also means having to comply with certain language standards imposed by law. By relying on Fashion Words’ translation services, you can rest assured that your texts will comply with EU Regulation 1007/2011, which guarantees the accessibility and legibility of textile compositions and labels in all EU member states.

Body positivity, in all languages

The fashion industry is evolving and we are seeing a major shift in favour of values such as body positivity and inclusivity. Lingerie and underwear brands are playing a key role in the fight to affirm these ideals. Having a communication strategy that is in line with the principles espoused by your brand is crucial to its global credibility. This is why the linguists at Fashion Words will ensure that your texts, as well as your garments, respect and embrace diversity, to celebrate every body regardless of its shape.

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