Translation services for ready-to-wear fashion

Famous for revolutionising the concept of accessibility in the fashion world, ready-to-wear brands know how to establish an authentic and enduring connection with all kinds of target audiences. With Fashion Words’ translation services, you can establish an equally valuable connection with your international audience.

Bespoke fashion for every language

When it comes to fashion, “accessibility” is not merely a question of price or the range of styles offered on the market. Rather, it is a much broader concept that also encompasses all the communication strategies and methods that the various brands implement to capture the attention of their target audience. Ready-to-wear fashion has made accessibility its hallmark and now represents a real revolution in the fashion industry. In fact, the ready-to-wear industry has brought a breath of fresh air and offered a wide range of pieces for the first time, designed to meet the needs of all types of consumers.

From the adoption of a broader range of sizes to more gender-inclusive garments with an increasingly varied style, ready-to-wear fashion has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to the constant changes its audience is going through.

Here at Fashion Words, we have fully grasped the dynamic and open nature of this industry and have come up with a range of translation and localisation services that can convey the DNA of your ready-to-wear brand flawlessly, fluently and inclusively, in all the different languages your international audience may speak.

From international catwalks straight into your target’s heart

Fashion is undoubtedly a universal language. Its extraordinary ability to engage people with different histories and from diverse cultures and backgrounds reaches its zenith in the ready-to-wear sector. In fact, this particular market segment, more so than others, is distinguished by two different branches that intertwine: on the one hand, we have the international trends that are ready to spread throughout the global fashion industry and, on the other, we have the standards and tastes of each society and culture.

Within this multifaceted mosaic, it is therefore crucial that we turn to bespoke content and storytelling that has been crafted to achieve effective communication that is capable of adapting to individual local targets. Thanks to this meticulousness and sensitivity, your brand will succeed in winning over the trust of its global audience and creating an authentic bond that will last over time.

Content creation and translation for fashion

Do you need to translate texts for your fashion brand or write them from scratch? Here at Fashion Words we can deliver eye-catching and SEO-optimised content that will appeal to even the most demanding audience.

Product catalogues and instructions for use

By relying on Fashion Words’ fashion translation services, you can make your communication clear and accessible to a global audience by localising your catalogues, product instructions and technical data sheets in as many languages as you need.

E-commerce sites and website localisation

Do you want to expand your horizons and reach an ever-growing global audience with your online fashion store? Thanks to Fashion Words’ bespoke translation and localisation services, you can effectively convey the content of your website, giving fashionistas a flawless user experience anywhere in the world and on any device.

Newsletters and blogs

If you want to strengthen your connection with your international target audience and raise your brand awareness globally, our specialised team can help you write newsletters and blog articles tailored to the fashion industry.

Marketing materials

Whether you want to do some market research or run a survey or a promotional campaign, our experienced translators can adapt your marketing materials for international audiences, while keeping your identity and values alive in other languages.

Sustainable fashion

Today, fashion rhymes with sustainability and our team of native speaker experts has all the necessary tools to help you share your green initiatives with an increasingly sustainability-conscious international target audience.

We can be with you every step of the way on your digital journey

Today, in the fashion industry, consumers no longer want a mere product. They are looking for a real experience that can engage them and leave its mark. In fact, the final purchase is nothing more than the culmination of a journey that began much earlier and that can make use of an extremely powerful tool: your website. Thanks to well-curated and customised elements, you can turn this online showcase into your perfect calling card, giving your brand increasingly international scope and conquering your global audience.

Product descriptions tailored to your style

If Coco Chanel is credited with the invention of the iconic “petite robe noire”, then Audrey Hepburn cannot fail to be associated with the unmistakable “little black dress” worn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The same classic garment expressed in different languages can conjure up completely different images and, in the fashion industry, this can also be seen in product descriptions. That’s why, when it comes to translation, literal is often not the best route to take. Instead adapting texts for the market in which they will be published is often the better option.

Images and cultural references in line with your global audience

Have you ever thought how much the concept of elegance varies from culture to culture? While in the West a minimalist white shirt is considered the height of sophistication, the same cannot be said for India. Instead, Indians would opt for a vibrant sari for special occasions. Attuning to local tastes and standards is the key to allowing your fashion brand to make style choices that are perfectly aligned with your international audience.

Effective product categories for every market

What if the perfect clothes for a certain occasion are not the same for all countries and cultures? Your selection of summer must-haves might be ideal for Italy, but in Sweden, for example, you might need something completely different, because different markets also require different product categories. Once again, localisation comes into play. This is an essential service to ensure a personalised and relevant shopping experience for each local target.

Bespoke language solutions for the fashion industry

If you work in the fashion industry and need highly specialised, bespoke language services, Fashion Words can help you choose the right solution for your brand. Whether you want to reach an increasingly international audience, optimise your online visibility or promote your green initiatives, with our flexible and versatile services you can meet all your needs and those of the fashion industry.

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Why choose Fashion Words?

Maximum specialisation in the fashion sector

For us, fashion has no secrets and it is our A-Z expertise in this sector that allows us to provide flawless translations and localisations that will make your brand stand out internationally.

Shorter time to market

Our high level of industry knowledge, coupled with our skilful use of innovative technologies, enables your brand to improve time to market, allowing it to land in new markets at the right time and become globally competitive.

Flexibility and customisation

Our attentive project managers will handle your brand and requirements with the utmost care and professionalism, making the creation of customised solutions one of our strengths.

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