Translation services
for the leather goods industry

Do you want to get the word out about the quality of your leather goods to a wider audience? By choosing Fashion Words’ specialised translation services, you can convey all the craftsmanship and excellence that distinguishes your brand in a unique and flawless way.

Your craftsmanship,
our linguistic expertise

Opening up to new markets implies several challenges for your leather goods brand. One is particularly significant: overcoming all possible language barriers with the same technical precision and elegance that make your products unique. Succeeding in this task is crucial to conveying the story of your brand in the most effective and engaging way possible, regardless of the target language or culture.

And this is precisely where Fashion Words comes into play. Our translations don’t just shift content from one language to another. They build bridges between different worlds, ensuring that the unique characteristics of your products and the storytelling of your brand fully reflect your identity and image.

Meticulous and elegant product descriptions for the leather goods industry

Telling the story of a world as fascinating and complex as leather goods requires more than a literal translation. It requires a profound understanding of key aspects, such as the quality and durability of the materials, colour saturation, texture, the different ways the creation will be worn, the diverse styles, and manufacturing processes.

Our translations immerse themselves not only in the aesthetics, but also in the history of each product to capture its spirit and refinement. With the linguistic skill of our expert team, we will describe every detail of your creations, from the design down to the finest stitching, and ensure that your brand identity resonates loud and clear in any language.

Not just product descriptions

Online store

Your online store deserves more than a literal translation. Thanks to localisation, you can add elements, such as categories and filters, that are perfectly adapted and ready to convey all the elegance of your leather goods. This skilful combination of sophistication and linguistic prowess will allow you to offer a personalised and intuitive shopping experience to your international audience.


Are you about to launch your new collection or have you just created a completely new material? Thanks to Fashion Words, your newsletters will be adapted effectively and flawlessly in every language, so that your global audience can keep up with your news and celebrate your successes with you.


Craftsmanship, precision, elegance, innovation: with our translation services we strive to convey your brand values to your international target audience, giving you the opportunity to tell your world effectively in whatever language you need.


Today, the function of packaging goes far beyond simply protecting the content within it. It is an important communicative vehicle that brands can use to convey their history, values and image. Our team of experts can adapt the information on the packaging to any language, ensuring not only technically excellent content, but also full compliance with the regulations imposed by individual markets.

 The right terms for every leather good

In the leather goods sector, even the finest of seams makes a difference and finding the right term to describe it is crucial. Our terminological expertise allows us to identify the best words to fully respect the technical characteristics of your products and speak to the heart of the end user. From leather tanning to the dyeing of materials, different types of fastenings and the countless shapes of creations: our expert linguists are able to master all these aspects, regardless of the type of item or process involved.

Give voice to your green commitment

In today’s fashion world, sustainability is becoming increasingly valuable and sought-after. If your brand also carries out green initiatives and cares about the environment, we at Fashion Words have the right tools to convey all these important features, while never overlooking the elegance of the language.

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