Multilingual SEO:
the perfect solution for fashion brands

If you want to stand out in an increasingly crowded global marketplace, your web content needs to be targeted. With its SEO-focused copywriting and translation services, Fashion Words will help strengthen your online presence in your target market.

Climb the SERP
with your website in every language

To really get through to your multilingual audience, you need to speak their language perfectly and master this equally well through your SEO strategy. That’s why, when taking your business global, you need to go much further than simply translating content; it needs to be optimised for search engines.

The team at Fashion Words knows just how to adapt translated content to include keywords aligned with your customers’ search habits worldwide. Our services include selecting the most searched-for keywords for each market and each type of target customer and creating SEO-oriented glossaries by pairing various keyword lists in different languages, which are then used for copywriting and translation. By following these steps, your online content will have a positive direct impact on your brand’s positioning in search results.

on-page SEO

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions should be a maximum of 156 characters, which our translation team will stick to while incorporating your brand’s main keywords and without losing what makes your message special and unique.

Title tags

The title tag of a web page is the first piece of text that appears to the user when they make a search. As such, using relevant keywords and ensuring that they’re clear and concise in the target language is absolutely essential.

Product descriptions

A good description should provide potential customers with all useful information about your products’ materials, features, care instructions and more. Our team of linguists produces product descriptions that speak your audience’s language straight away and include the most relevant keywords to boost your brand’s online presence in SERPs.

Product names

In fashion, product names tend to be very creative but not very descriptive. Fashion Words will help supplement your content with descriptive keywords that increase your brand’s visibility in search engines and connect you with a wider audience.


Fashion brand websites contain lots of images. Translating the text and descriptions accompanying the images helps improve the ranking of your brand’s pages in image search results, makes the user experience more seamless and makes your content accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired, as they’ll be able to learn more about your products.

Why invest in multilingual SEO?

Properly implemented multilingual SEO will bring high levels of organic traffic consisting of users already searching for products to purchase in your target markets.

Increased visibility

Incorporating relevant keywords in your web pages and posts will boost your brand’s visibility in more search engines across lots of different countries and it’ll be much easier for potential customers to find you.

Lasting search power

Paid campaigns produce high conversion rates but managing them across multiple markets in different languages is a very costly endeavour and the moment you stop paying, your visibility disappears. Multilingual SEO, on the other hand, is a vital tool because it brings you quality traffic that’s sustainable in the long term.

Translation and pay-per-click optimisation

Simply translating your brand’s keywords and content correctly may seem enough to launch campaigns globally but when your target audience searches for your products, it’s very unlikely that they’ll use direct translations of your keywords, which will actually vary based on the audience’s culture and language.

Limiting yourself to simply translating the content of your international campaigns word for word can often lead to texts whose keywords are ineffective, subsequently resulting in unsatisfactory results, wasted budgets and lost opportunities. What makes a real difference, however, is turning to native speakers who are experts in fashion terminology and who can provide you with effective translations and copy for your PPC campaigns.

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