Customized workflows for translation and copywriting

Realizing that every company faces different organizational challenges, Fashion Words firmly believes in customizing the workflow. Whether your project is large or small, linear or very complex, we will develop with you a workflow in line with the unique needs of your reality.

Workflows developed based on your internal organization

We at Fashion Words know how complex the organization and internal procedures of a company in the fashion industry can be. For this reason, the processes we put in place to provide you with our translation or copywriting services will in no way end up burdening the mechanisms you are used to, but will be developed together with you in a way that fits your organizational needs perfectly. Indeed, over the years we have learned to structure the workflow based on the ever-changing customs of customers, thus making customization our hallmark. In fact, we will never ask you to follow procedures or workflows other than those you usually use, such as changing the way you structure or send us your files.

Flexible language services

For all our language services, additional steps can be added to the classic workflow, such as one or more stages of approval of draft copy or client glossary-this way you can make sure from time to time that the content is aligned with your vision. It is also possible to structure delivery procedures by differentiating them according to the type of work or internal office in charge.

But that’s not all! In order to avoid numerous and time-consuming manual steps of emailing, downloading and uploading files, we are able to work directly on your management systems (PIM, DAM, CMS or others): once translated and approved, the content will thus be uploaded directly to your platform. This is a much faster and more effective solution that saves considerable time and resources, improves coordination and reduces the risk of error as well as makes it easier to share information with all project collaborators.

File Management
Uploading Content

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