Translation for watch manufacturers

Want to share your exquisite watches with the rest of the world? Thanks to Fashion Words’ linguistic expertise, you’ll be able to bridge the gap between your brand and global audiences, expanding your horizons as a result.

The art of watchmaking in the best words

From ancient sundials to the jewel-encrusted watches of today, the watchmaking industry has undergone enormous changes over the centuries, and has continued into the digital age despite the fact that time is now predominantly kept and measured by electronic devices. An unbreakable bond between exceptional craftsmanship and high-level technology, luxury watches have become a cherished possession for a considerable number of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Not only are they a status symbol, but can also be a family heirloom or lifetime gift. To capture what really makes them tick, flawless global communication is vital.

With its translation services, Fashion Words delivers clear, incisive and elegant texts in all languages, helping global audiences really understand what your brand is all about.

What we translate

Labels and packaging
Product descriptions
Instruction manuals
Letters to customers
Marketing brochures
Social media content
Point-of-sale materials

Product descriptions that hit the mark

A luxury watch is much more than just the sum of its mechanical parts: it reflects the aspirations and lifestyle the wearer yearns for. Conveying this concept is essential for your audience to fully experience your brand: using this fundamental goal as their basis, our translators will transform your product descriptions into enchanting stories in all languages, helping you gain customers worldwide.

Getting through to people: translating marketing texts

Marketing luxury watches isn’t just about promoting products, but about inspiring audiences through stories that reflect the brand’s vision and heritage. Through our translation service, we deliver high-impact campaigns in a whole host of different languages, allowing you to establish a genuine emotional bond with audiences worldwide.

Catalogues for global audiences

Even in today’s digital age, catalogues remain a very effective tool. With the support of Fashion Words’ expert linguists, your catalogues will be accurately translated and adapted to the needs of your target audience, conveying what makes your brand truly special.

Multilingual websites
for watchmaking brands

For watch manufacturers looking to expand their business horizons, the main challenge they face is creating a website free from language barriers. Aware of just how important every detail and part of the website is, Fashion Words offers engaging and persuasive copy—including product names, categories and descriptions—in multiple languages, capturing users’ attention and spurring them to buy.

Multilingual excellence for the Swiss watchmaking industry

With centuries’ worth of tradition, the Swiss watchmaking industry enjoys a global reputation for the unrivalled quality and craftsmanship of its creations. Having provided Swiss watch manufacturers with translations for many years now, Fashion Words has helped bolster their reputation worldwide. Enquire about our linguistic services and, using our in-depth expertise, we’ll help you solidify your brand’s Swiss prestige worldwide.

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