Translation services for the kidswear sector

Does your core business include children’s clothing or baby items? No matter the macro or micro sector you are in, Fashion Words is the right choice to enable your brand to stand out internationally.

Kids’ fashion: goodbye language barriers

The children’s fashion market represents a large and profitable slice of the global fashion industry, with parents as the main buyers, who are called upon to choose garments for their little ones. Here at Fashion Words we fully comprehend the challenges of this sector and have developed a range of copywriting and translation services specifically designed to cater to your increasingly discerning global audience.

Product descriptions for the international children's fashion market

The baby and kids’ fashion industry conceals several aspects that may be challenging to manage, if not problematic. Material characteristics, size differences, the use of unique locally sourced fabrics: these are just some of the many challenges to be faced when it comes to product descriptions in the kid’s apparel sector. All too aware of these delicate and challenging aspects, Fashion Words offers adapted and customised translations that combine respect for the essence of your kidswear brand and the preferences of local target audiences. From attention to the materials used to the conversion of sizes in different countries and languages, our services will help you increase your international visibility in this competitive sector.

Instagram content in tune with parents

This platform has set in motion a real revolution in parents’ buying habits and today, with over a billion users, it is the ideal showcase for advertising baby and kids’ clothes. By relying on the expertise of our native experts, you will have content in line with your needs and those of parents in different target markets.

Websites for busy parents

Today’s parents often have to juggle a multitude of commitments and, for added convenience, they often choose to shop online. At Fashion Words, we have the right tools to provide you with localised product descriptions in the different languages you need, which, together with intuitive navigation, attractive photos and a quick payment system, will truly tailor your website to your global audience.

Promo emails in all languages 

For parents, even a small savings on the items their kids need can really make a difference. That is why effective email marketing with special offers and attractive discounts is a successful move. If you want to achieve the same effect on your global audience, our native-speaker translators and copywriters specialised in the fashion industry will take the utmost care to adapt your promotional campaigns to the different countries and target languages.

Attractive packaging for a lasting bond

Taking care over your product packaging is just as important as optimising your brand’s online positioning. That’s why many brands personalise their orders by including a card or message, and encourage buyers to interact on social media. Thanks to our fashion translation expertise, your global audience can count on meticulous packaging localisation that will help increase the value of your products, incentivise further purchases and encourage brand loyalty.

Sustainable clothing for children and babies

More and more often, parents are opting for high quality, non-toxic materials to protect the health of their kids, with organic cotton being their first choice. Indeed, the desire for a more sustainable lifestyle has triggered a real boom in the market for natural and organic children’s clothing. Here at Fashion Words, we have gone along with this new trend by offering you language services that can increase your international presence and promote your commitment to green and environmentally-friendly fashion.

Compliance with EU requirements for children's clothing labels

Today, compliance with European labelling standards is essential for fashion brands. Product labels must appear in all official languages of the EU member country chosen for sale, unless local regulations state otherwise.

Kids’ clothing:
the main European markets

Representing around three quarters of all European sales in terms of kidswear, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands have earned pride of place as the most flourishing markets in this sector. That’s why, when planning the sales and marketing strategy of your brand internationally, it is a good idea to prioritise these countries, by developing a communication strategy that is not only tailored to their languages, but also perfectly in line with their cultural characteristics.

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