Translation services
for the cosmetics industry

If you are in the beauty business, you will know that the right words can really make all the difference. Whether it is the translation of a label or a promotional slogan, the specialised team at Fashion Words can offer you a wide range of solutions to make your brand shine internationally.

Words of beauty

The beauty and cosmetics industry has always been marked by strong competitiveness and an innate global vocation. Even today it continues to win over consumers worldwide. To ride this trend and embrace an even broader target audience, it is essential that your brand increases its share in international markets – in addition to focusing on the development and launch of new products.

Ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements, adapting product application guidelines or choosing terminology that is in line with your brand image are just some of the challenges you face, especially when it comes to translation. That’s why having a highly specialised translation agency that can meet these needs is the key to success.

From the intriguing perfumery segment to the eclectic world of make-up, the innovative haircare market and the dynamic bodycare and skincare sector: whatever your industry, at Fashion Words we offer unique multilingual content that makes an impact, which is perfect for delivering compelling messages that will capture the attention of your global audience and help you reach potential new consumers.


+ Product names
+ Product descriptions
+ Advertising

+ Social media communication
+ Directions and tips for use
+ Labels and packaging

+ Websites
+ E-commerce
+ Promotional messages

+ Creative copy and campaign slogans
+ Marketing content
+ Company training


From likes to sales

The role played by social media is becoming increasingly relevant in the cosmetics industry. Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are not only an excellent showcase for creating an immediate connection with your target audience, but also a powerful tool for increasing your brand’s sales.

Thanks to our expertise, we can adapt your digital content to different languages and cultures to increase your visibility globally.


Keeping up with the trends

In the world of fashion and cosmetics, trends are often abandoned only to be rediscovered again, and this dynamic is also reflected in industry magazines, articles and blogs.

Our team of highly specialised translators can produce bespoke content that will enable readers and consumers around the world to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, whatever the language involved.

Labels and packaging for the beauty and cosmetics industry

Absolute transparency with consumers regarding the components used and the methods employed in the formulation of beauty products is a must. With our beauty industry translation services, we ensure perfectly localised labels and packaging that have been adapted to the target language and culture.

Beauty industry terminology: a question of nuance

Crimson or scarlet red? Raspberry or coral? In an industry where even the subtlest difference can influence consumers’ choices, succeeding in describing a product in a captivating way and identifying the exact name for its precise shade can really help you to strengthen your brand image and evoke specific emotions in your international audience.

This is why Fashion Words has a dedicated team of translators who are able to recreate the essence and specific features of each product, while ensuring maximum consistency in all languages and allowing your brand to align with the cultural and aesthetic sensibilities of your target audience.

Multilingual content in line with the beauty standards of each culture

Aligning with the different cultural standards and preferences of your target audience is now a prerequisite for expanding into new markets and acquiring potential customers internationally. Yet how can you do this in a way that is truly effective? This is where the localisation of products and campaigns comes in. In fact, language is undoubtedly the cultural element par excellence and as such can pose certain challenges, especially when taking your brand across borders. Handling your language content incorrectly could even jeopardise the acquisition of new customers, and there is nowhere like the beauty sector where this is more evident. Although the world is becoming increasingly globalised, aesthetic ideals and perceptions of beauty still vary greatly from culture to culture and from society to society.

Fashion Words knows this all too well and is skilled in building bespoke multilingual communication that is aligned to the culture of your target audience and the different aesthetic standards that distinguish your international audience.

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