Translation services for eyewear

To ensure success in the European eyewear market, an excellent translation service is crucial. Whether you are launching a haute couture line or targeting the premium segment, a flawless translation will help you fully meet the needs of your international customers. 

The key to entering the EU eyewear market

The eyewear market is a multifaceted sector, which ranges from fashionable sunglasses to prescription glasses and UV safety glasses, with an ever watchful focus on the unique style of the wearer. 

In the European Union, sunglasses and prescription glasses are considered personal protective equipment (PPE) and so must adhere to the relevant regulations. Our team of linguists will ensure that your products are presented in a clear and regulatory-compliant language, thereby helping your brand to break into key markets.

What we translate

Product titles and descriptions
Websites and online content
Product labels and packaging
Instruction manuals and user guides
Marketing materials
Legal and compliance documents
Retail and point-of-sale materials

Localised product descriptions

The sunglasses and prescription glasses market is vast and varied. What makes the difference for customers is the accuracy of the descriptions and a style that enhances the unique characteristics of the product. For international customers, the ability to perfectly adapt this content to their culture is crucial. Our team of native speakers with experience in the eyewear industry will ensure a flawless translation in terms of both style and terminology for all your brand content.

Multilingual marketing for the eyewear industry

In a market as crowded as the eyewear market, in order to get the high quality of your products and their unique characteristics across to your target audience in the most effective way, you must translate not only content, such as product descriptions or landing pages, but also Pay per Click ads. These texts, accompanied by high-impact graphics, will significantly improve both the perceived value of your brand’s eyewear products and your ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

Web localisation for your international eyewear brand

Your brand website provides a glimpse of your dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetic innovation, and represents an important international virtual showcase. Our specialised translations can highlight the most intricate details and enhance the superior quality of the materials of your eyewear products. They also ensure that your brand’s storytelling is conveyed authentically, to attract the interest of potential new customers.

Rules and regulations for prescription lenses and frames

Under the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745, prescription lenses and spectacle frames are classified as Class 1 medical devices. Therefore, they must pass extensive testing and compliance requirements. To enter the EU market, the products must bear the CE mark, which is issued after registration with the MHRA. In addition, all labels and instructions must be provided in the official language of the Member State where the device is available, as required by Article 10(11) of the MDR.

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