Translation Services for Haute Couture

Would you like to introduce your art form to the world? Whatever your niche market, our Haute Couture translation services are specifically designed to best convey the uniqueness and exclusivity of your creations in all languages.

Texts for the luxury sector, flawlessly crafted

Building on a long tradition of craftsmanship and guaranteeing unparalleled quality, the Haute Couture sector does not merely sell clothing, but dreams turned into works of art. Indeed, it is not surprising that the most iconic items are exhibited in museums, bought by investors at auction or that the fashion houses themselves have their own customised exhibition spaces. Haute Couture gowns are not simply made-to-measure apparel, but are borne from the creative flair of the most famous designers and the result of hours and hours of meticulous work done by hand.

How could you not do justice to such dedication – and such a name – by devoting the utmost care to the words that will describe its essence? As desirable as it is exclusive, the luxury segment is 100% dedicated to pampering its customers, reserving bespoke services for them that go far beyond the products sold. Communicating this in the native language of the target audience is essential for the brand’s reputation to remain intact globally.

Product descriptions

We are well aware of the inestimable value of the workmanship and materials used, as well as the incredible craftsmanship of the designers and couturiers involved, so we take great care in choosing the most appropriate words to describe the spirit of your creations in each language.


Every collection is the result of a creative insight, which gives life to pieces inspired by a central idea: a story, a journey, a state of mind. Here at Fashion Words, we are committed to ensuring that your international audience fully understands the narrative thread that runs throughout your collection, in all its nuances.


Whether you are seeking to launch a new collection, publish a behind-the-scenes feature or invite people to an exclusive event, we will make your multilingual newsletter as engaging as it should be, ensuring that your global audience perceives its prestige and feels part of your world at the same time.

Fashion magazines

Do you collaborate with magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle? Fashion Words can help you to translate articles, interviews and news features, conveying your brand’s allure beyond national borders.

Social media

Despite some initial resistance to taking the plunge, even the luxury sector has now arrived on social media, which has become indispensable for high-end communication. Whether it’s an Instagram post about Fashion Week or a post on X about a celebrity wearing your artwork, thanks to our expertise your voice will be consistent and captivating in all languages, while staying true to the expectations of global audiences.

Online store

When translating your e-commerce site, we will pay special attention not only to ensuring the clarity and correctness of the lexical choices, but also to their sophistication, so that each click releases a feeling of true luxury, regardless of the target language.

Haute Couture Terminology: our piece de resistance

Trompe-l’œil, épaulettes, sous-main, dévoré… The Haute Couture lexicon is made up of more than just words. The result of centuries-old traditions, creative visions and boundless passion, each term conveys inestimable value, and in some cases the very spirit of the fashion house. Fashion Words will translate your vocabulary with the utmost care, offering you our in-depth knowledge of the fashion world combined with our extensive linguistic expertise, so that each term receives the respect it deserves in all languages. 

Why choose Fashion Words?

Precision and prestige

When making a Haute Couture gown, every stitch and seam deserves the same attention. Likewise, every single word spoken by your brand must be flawless. The skills of our specialised translators guarantee precision in every linguistic choice they make, so that your multilingual tone of voice exudes the prestige that sets you apart.

Bespoke solutions

In the same way that a Haute Couture garment is made to measure in the most prestigious ateliers in Paris, Milan and New York, our translation services are tailored to your unique language needs.

Experienced fashion linguists

Our team consists of translation professionals with a great passion for fashion. Thus, working with us means that you will get a result that is based on specialised expertise and fully complies with all the dictates of this sector.

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