Multimedia content in any language

Invested in your brand’s multimedia content and want to take it global? Whatever language you need, Fashion Words’ multimedia translations will help you tap into audiences worldwide.

Transcend borders with our multimedia localisation services

Capturing an audience’s attention is one of the biggest challenges in our social media-dominated world. To win over your audience, simply posting pretty pictures isn’t enough any more; you have to go further. This is where videos and digital media come in. The dynamic nature of this content can help set your brand apart in a sea of social media posts.

Fashion Words offers a wide range of bespoke multimedia localisation solutions to meet the needs of your fashion brand. Whether it’s translating text, visual material or audio content, our experts will help you juggle different types of multimedia content in any format.


Our experienced copywriters can adapt the texts of your videos to the different languages you need, resulting in content perfectly suited to your audience’s background.


Thanks to our specialist services, we’re able to deliver high-quality subtitled videos that’ll help your fashion brand reach a growing and increasingly diverse global audience.

Selecting speakers

If you’re looking for the right voice to make your video truly special, the Fashion Words team will trawl through its network of professionals to help you find a talent perfectly suited to your needs.

Audio content production

To ensure a flawless end product, we offer professional voice-over solutions that master all technical aspects of the recording process.

Localisation services
for all multimedia content

Product videos

The perfect option for showcasing a product’s distinctive features and sharing with viewers the story behind its creation.

Style tip videos

A fun way of offering practical tips and ideas for creating trendy looks and outfits.

Promotional videos

The perfect showcase to present your collections, generate interest in new launches and engage your audience on social media and the web.

Backstage videos

With this type of content, you can show viewers the real side of your brand and strengthen your bond with your audience.

Interviews and collaborations with influencers

Innovative solutions to enhance the credibility of your brand, reach an increasingly global audience and establish a relationship of trust with target viewers.

Teaser videos

In the run-up to a new launch, you can pique your community’s interest and curiosity by positing short preview videos.

Video ads

The perfect solution for keeping your audience up to date with new openings, special events and brand collaborations.

Video storytelling

Win over your audience and stand out even more by sharing anecdotes, values and the inspiration behind your new collections.

Video tutorials

A dynamic way of offering fashion and make-up tips and helping your global target audience identify their favourite products.

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