Translation services for footwear brands

Are you looking to translate the essence of the footwear world into words that resonate globally? Thanks to Fashion Words’ expertise, your brand’s savoir-faire will gain international appeal, allowing your products to confidently step into the global marketplace.

With Fashion Words your footwear will step beyond national borders

The shoe industry is a world of its own, which spans a wide range of categories. There are men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, but footwear can also be divided by occasion: in fact, there are shoes for everyday wear or footwear suitable for elegant events, safety shoes or shoes for more formal professional settings. But that’s not all: the footwear sector also includes a wide variety of materials, ranging from classic animal leathers to fabrics and synthetic fibres, and even original fabrics specially created by the most innovative brands. And as if that weren’t enough, shoemaking processes are not always the same: suffice it to say that while some shoes are made by hand, others are the result of the most advanced industrial methods.

In addition to all these variables, the factors that guide customers’ choices when purchasing a pair of shoes are many: price point, comfort level, fashion trends, as well as many others. 
Here at Fashion Words we are well aware of the countless facets of the world of footwear. That is precisely why we offer the most varied, bespoke language solutions, as unique as your brand’s footwear, to ensure that every detail of your products is presented so that it engages your potential customers and thus achieves immediate sales success.

Product descriptions

Fashion Words knows all too well how complex it is to create engaging descriptions for your products. That’s why we make sure that we don’t overlook any detail, from the size of the models to the uniqueness of the materials, to the different colour nuances of uppers and soles and the weight of sports shoes. Yet more than that, we also know how important it is to convey all the sensory characteristics of a shoe. With our linguistic services, the uniqueness of your product, be it dance shoes, running shoes or shoes for chic evenings out, will reach the end consumer directly, always in keeping with your brand’s unique features.

Multilingual pay-per-click campaigns

Paid adverts are an effective tool for highlighting your footwear brand. Here at Fashion Words we are able to create ad campaigns in the best possible way, so that you gain extensive visibility in all languages. We are masters at crafting ads that include keywords that are perfectly aligned to your brand, and that highlight your brand’s strengths, to ensure you stand out among the many competitors in global searches.

Get off on the right foot

As a rule, consumers search online for the best shoes from their trusted brands. However, 90% of them never scroll beyond the first page of results. Our team of linguists can optimise your content for search engines in different markets, so that your audience finds your website instantly, and right in their own language.

Footwear labels in the European Union

To navigate the EU footwear market safely, you must comply with European labelling rules. Manufacturers are obliged to provide labels and ensure their accuracy. However, if the footwear is imported, this responsibility shifts to the company that first places it on the EU market.

The obligation to provide every pair of shoes with a label stems from the fact that the term “footwear” covers so many different models, from sandals to boots to sports shoes. The label must indicate the materials from which the upper, lining, insole and outsole are made, using specific pictograms and precise indications for each language. Making labels accessible in the various languages of your target market is crucial, and our translation services are the surest way to achieve multilingual visibility that enjoys full compliance with European regulations.

The language of footwear

Linguistically, the footwear industry is a fascinating mosaic of terms borrowed from various languages. In a single sentence, we can find “espadrilles”, “ankle boots”, “brogues”, “driving shoes”, to name but a few. Even the names of the fabrics are sometimes borne from the brands’ creative flair. What’s more, every pair of shoes consists of very precise characteristics, which brands often define differently: mules and sandals are not the same thing, soles can be thick, chunky or XXL, heels can be kitten, midi, Texan or block heels. In short, the footwear industry knows no bounds. Finding your way around and ascertaining the right path depends on the linguistic expertise of those who are used to navigating it. At Fashion Words, we have in-depth knowledge of the technical language required to translate for the footwear industry, and we know how to perfectly localise this sector’s content, which incorporates centuries of fashion, culture and innovation. In this way, your brand will be able to speak a global language that reflects its prestige and reputation.

Reach a global audience by localising your e-commerce site

Today, the key to building lasting connections depends on how brands interact with their customers at every stage of the shopping experience, starting from the first impression. In order to expand its influence globally, the footwear industry is having to implement the inevitable transition to online platforms. As business becomes internationalised, even local, hand-crafted footwear is being presented on a global scale. Whether it’s eye-catching product pages or pop-ups at check out, here at Fashion Words we know how to localise your online store accurately and in a way that is culturally appropriate, so that your global audience can interact with your brand’s products in any language.

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