Managing fashion terminology with a multilingual perspective

Faux leather, imitation leather or synthetic leather? In an industry where the meaning of technical terms is not always so obvious, Fashion Words is here to support you in the correct use and management of multilingual terminology, always taking your preferences into account.

Do you speak fashion?

As the iconic cerulean jumper scene in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ shows us, the words you choose to describe clothes can have effects beyond your imagination. In the same way that a simple jumper can represent millions of dollars and countless jobs, the terms you use have a huge influence on how your brand is perceived by the international market.

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Fashion terminology is extremely varied: there are often different words to convey the same concept, each more or less suited to a specific context of use. This allows each fashion house to express itself in the language that best reflects its brand identity in order to distinguish itself from its competitors. At the same time, however, relying solely on the memory of the translator could be risky, especially when several linguists are involved in the same project. By relying on our professional terminology management solutions, you will not only receive a service tailored to your communication style, but will also be guaranteed that your chosen terms will be used consistently in every project.

Do you have specific requirements for terminology to be used in the text for your brand? If so, you’re in the right place! Fashion Words not only has an accurate and in-depth termbase specialising in the fashion industry, but it also creates customised glossaries, perfect for giving a voice to your unique identity.

Terminology extraction

We extract fashion-specific terminology directly from your documents, also highlighting the context for its use: this is valuable information, which will be listed in the termbase. The result is an accurate and effective glossary.

Glossary approval

We entrust glossary approval exclusively to scrupulous native-speaking reviewers specialised in the field, so as to avoid any uncertainty.

Sharing and updating

Thanks to our state-of-the-art terminology management systems, you can keep track of any updates and get involved in the glossary writing and revision process as needed.

The advantages of digital termbases


Having a termbase available makes the translators’ work easier, allowing them to deliver the project more quickly.


Digital glossaries are a guarantee that technical terms will be translated consistently in all the texts, even after a period of time, and where multiple translators are working on the same project.


Although qualified and experienced in the field, translators are not living dictionaries. Our human memory is limited, but fortunately technology comes to our aid, ensuring terminological accuracy in all projects.


By using words specifically designed for your brand, you can stand out from the competition and convey an effective image of your identity.


Thanks to our terminology management systems, we are able to handle large amounts of work, guaranteeing consistent translations over time, even when performed by different professionals.


Just like the world we live in, business and its language are constantly evolving. If necessary, we can make changes to your terminology data at any time.

With Fashion Words
precision is assured

From false friends to national and international norms to be respected, and from brand-specific terms to those to be left in the original language, fashion terminology is fraught with pitfalls. This is why Fashion Words has created a detailed multilingual termbase with all the necessary instructions for each term. This solution, combined with solid expertise in the field and a detailed eye for your brand’s unparalleled identity, allows us to deliver flawless translations every time.

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