Translation services for jewellery

Whether it is high-class jewellery, fine raw materials or precious stones, our translation service will enable you to best communicate the quality and elegance of your products in any language and create global connections.

Jewellery stories
with global resonance

The world of jewellery is not just about gold, diamonds and gems, but also – and above all – about emotions. A piece of jewellery represents much more than the sum of its parts: it can symbolise love, celebrate an achievement or cherish a meaningful memory. To convey all the nuances of meaning that lie behind objects of such value – both practical and emotional – it is not enough to rely on just any translator: you need professionals who are also experts in the field of jewellery. Fashion Words’ team of linguists possess all the skills required to ensure that your multilingual texts arouse the right emotions in your audience, thus building a bridge between your brand and your international clientèle.

Product descriptions

For those unfamiliar with this role, putting the subtleties of the jewellery making art into words is a real challenge. Every detail, from design to materials, must be described with the utmost precision, using a vocabulary that fully reflects both the objective characteristics of the jewellery and what it symbolically represents. Thanks to Fashion Words’ expertise, your international audience will be able to appreciate all the craftsmanship and beauty of your jewellery in their native language.


Newsletters are the ideal tool for building a relationship of trust with your audience. However, to turn your subscribers into regular customers, it is essential that your campaigns are adapted to the geographical area of reference. For example, the right time to launch a Mother’s Day promotion is not the same in Italy and France. To ensure that your campaigns are launched at the right time and consistent with the target region, rely on the translation services of Fashion Words: our native-speaker translators with extensive experience in the field of jewellery will be best placed to transpose your unique voice to the canvas of different cultures and places.


Winning over today’s users – who are constantly bombarded by a plethora of purchase options at the click of a button – means being able to carry out a real courtship. In order to break down barriers between national borders, simply applying a mere linguistic conversion to your ads is not going to cut it: you need to make sure that the message you are communicating takes into account the specificities of your target audience. Fashion Words’ team of specialised linguists will support you step by step in the creation of captivating Google and Instagram campaigns that will speak directly to the heart of your target audience.

Promotional videos

Immersive videos are extremely useful as they provide your potential customers with a realistic idea of what your jewellery looks like when worn. Thanks to Fashion Words’ multilingual subtitling and voice-over services you can offer your international audience a complete experience and prevent any kind of misunderstanding and hesitation from arising. Your videos will become the key to success when persuading them to buy.

Digital catalogues

Of course, paper has its appeal, but the digital age offers a more practical and effective alternative. Fashion Words supports you in the digitisation process by localising your catalogues, so that each language version is in line with the expectations of your target audience. So you can rest assured that your collections will be presented accurately abroad, thereby facilitating the work of salespeople around the world.

Landing pages

To expand the reach of your jewellery brand globally, localised landing pages that attract the attention of foreign audiences with the right words are key. Turning to Fashion Words for the translation of your landing pages means that you can finally present your products effectively through CTAs and targeted offers, thereby increasing the loyalty of your global audience.

The jewellery lexicon translated into all languages

Jewellery is a world of many facets and endless possibilities, which on a linguistic level are embodied in a wide range of technical terms. To avoid any misunderstandings, these terms must be used in the right way. Whether we are distinguishing between a princess, cushion or marquise cut, or describing the type of workmanship that has gone into crafting a gold necklace, our experienced translators will masterfully navigate the rich linguistic repertoire of this field, to ensure that your texts are always clear and accurate in the target market language.

E-commerce translation
for the jewellery industry

The transition to online commerce is a strategic move that allows jewellery brands to expand their customer base and increase potential sales. When visiting your site, international customers expect to feel welcomed and looked after just as if they were visiting a physical store. That’s why our translation service does not merely convert your e-store from one language to another, but also offers users from other countries a bespoke customer experience: different content – sizes, currencies, units of measurement, etc. – will be adapted to the culture, needs and habits of the target audience.

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