Copywriting for fashion

Do you need customised content that keeps up with the ever-changing fashion industry? 

The fashion copywriting services by Fashion Words will help you better convey your brand image and stand out on the international scene.

Tailor-made content for the Fashion & Luxuryindustry

Whether you need product descriptions, newsletters, landing pages or social communication, our fashion copywriters have the know-how to interpret your requirements and help you choose the right words to impress your global audience with creative, web-optimised texts.

Writing for fashion:
one industry, infinite texts

Product descriptions

Exciting, detailed and tailor-made descriptions of your fashion brand will convey all the quality of your products to the public and have a direct impact on sales.


Your website is the digital showcase where you can tell your story and present your products. Having effective web pages with a well-defined style will allow you to express your voice in the best possible way.


Newsletters are the direct communication channel between you and your audience: our expert copywriting team will provide you with unique, engaging and creative texts that are bound to leave an impression.


By using targeted storytelling perfectly tailored to your needs, Fashion Words will let you convey your brand’s values, heritage and vision, so that you can stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive landscape of the fashion industry.

Social communication

In the digital age where conciseness reigns supreme, Fashion Words knows how to develop short, punchy content for the social media world that will allow you to establish an ever-deeper connection with your global audience.

Articles and blogs

Whether you want to give a more narrative or informative slant to your blogs, we can help your fashion brand write engaging and topical content that will immediately win over your target audience.

SEO-optimised fashion content

In the world of fashion, visibility is the key to success, which is why the Fashion Words copywriting services pay special attention to SEO-oriented writing. With the right keywords and web-optimised texts, your fashion brand will meet the search needs of users and significantly improve its ranking.

We give the right voice
to your brand

In the world of fashion, it’s not just about what you say, but also how you say it. That’s why at Fashion Words we have made Tone of Voice one of our key strengths, developing innovative and constantly updated fashion copywriting solutions to create texts that are consistent with your brand identity and strengthen the connection with your target audience.

Verbal identity

Finding the right Tone of Voice is crucial to allow your brand to express its personality and values. Fashion Words has the right tools to best convey your verbal identity, which will be truly unique and recognisable.


Just like a person, the Tone of Voice comes in various facets and Fashion Words knows how to shape it to suit the communication situation and the drive for renewal that characterises this industry.


Fashion Words provides fashion copywriting services that can convey the essence of your brand in any situation, to strengthen the bond with your audience and build an even stronger identity.

Fashion Words ensures that your
fashion brand
has successful content
with an iconic, cohesive and unmistakable Tone of Voice.

Fashion Words ensures that your fashion brand has successful content with an iconic, cohesive and unmistakable Tone of Voice.

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