Audiovisual translation and video subtitling

Whether you want to present a new product or publish content on social media, the Fashion Words video subtitling services ensure that your message is conveyed effectively to any target audience.

Fashion beyond borders: bridging
cultures with videos

Given the importance of the visual component in the fashion industry, video marketing is one of the strategies most used by fashion houses to promote their creations. It allows brands to express their artistic side and convey their values by developing an emotional connection with viewers and increasing engagement. With its audiovisual translation services, Fashion Words supports you in creating immersive experiences that connect with your global audience.

End-to-end multilingual solutions
for your audio-video projects

Whatever the destination for your video content, you can count on our subtitling solutions to communicate with international audiences without sacrificing your distinctive tone of voice.


We carry out transcription services for a wide range of audio and video formats, providing you with the final product in a format that will make the editing process easier (.srt, .vtt, etc.), or, if you prefer immediate use, on a text file or the format that is most convenient for you.


Give your communication strategy a boost by breaking down the language barriers. Fashion Words helps you create global connections by translating your brand videos to instantly reach speakers of a different language in order to increase your international appeal.

Voice overs

You can overcome all barriers with voice over, a solution that exploits the audio channel to create a complete experience in the language of the viewer.

Promotional campaigns
Close-ups & demonstrations
Catwalk shows
 Tutorials and style tips
Collection presentation
Behind the scenes
Social media

The format for your needs

Fashion Words will take care of integrating subtitles into your video files, ensuring a readable and synchronised result. The most commonly used format for this is .SRT, but we also work with different media on request to meet your every requirement.

The advantages of
multilingual subtitles

Expand your network

Thanks to subtitles, you can reach even the most distant clientele using a single piece of content.

Communication even without volume

Did you know that 90% of users watch mobile videos without volume? By adding subtitles to your videos, the message will also be conveyed to those who are not listening.


By subtitling your videos, you will have a product that is also accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Our professional subtitling services allow you to overcome comprehension problems caused by machine translation, which is often unable to recognise nuances of meaning in the absence of context.

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