We use state-of-the-art technology, which, together with the expertise of our linguists, allows us to provide solutions that not only move with the times, but meet the specific communicative needs of your fashion brand too.

TMS: highly efficient project management

Similar to how a conductor coordinates his singers and musicians to create a harmonious symphony, our Translation Management System (TMS) enables us to better control and manage our workflow, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

But that’s not all: to provide you with a bespoke service, it can also be integrated with your own management system via API. By doing this, copy and translations can be automatically uploaded to your portal without either side having to carry out numerous time-consuming manual steps like sending emails and uploading files.

Consistent texts in all languages thanks to translation memories

Each fashion brand communicates with its own particular style and tone of voice, as well as specific terminology that reflects its identity. From the translations we provide, our software memorises your language preferences, ensuring consistent results. This allows us to preserve the essence and uniqueness of your brand in every language and every project.

Term Bases: ensuring maximum precision

In fashion, details make a big difference: not only is it about making perfect garments, but making your global brand communication flawless too, the secret to which is a Term Base. Every brand we work for has its own dedicated glossary, which, just like a well-kept wardrobe, collects and organises fashion-specific terminology. This vitally important list of terms ensures accurate word use and speeds up translation for more technical texts such as product descriptions.

AI Solutions

Having always been fascinated by the infinite potential of modern technological developments, we’ve started using Artificial Intelligence to deliver our services in an easier and more convenient way without, however, abandoning human input altogether, which continues to give our translations their true added value. If you’re interested in exploring the potential of AI, we at Fashion Words will work with you to engineer new bespoke solutions using this tool.

AI in translation

Exercising the right amount of caution, we’re gradually implementing Artificial Intelligence in the translation of certain types of text, particularly more technical ones. This tool is useful for generating a first draft of the translation, which is then carefully edited by our specialist translators before being painstakingly proofread by our editors and proofreaders. This enables us to deliver the outstanding linguistic quality and quick turnaround times that set us apart.

AI in copywriting

We’re experimenting with the use of AI systems for image recognition, autotagging and the generation of product descriptions, newsletters, etc. These technologies provide our trusted copywriters with a draft that serves as a starting point for the final copy.

Automation in operational processes

We firmly believe that quick, efficient and streamlined processes are vital for improving the customer experience. As such, for more cumbersome and repetitive processes, we use error-free automation systems that prevent us from wasting resources. That said, one of the core values of our company is the individual approach to each of our customers. We know that when it comes to understanding and meeting your needs, human interaction is irreplaceable. That’s why, rather than forcing you to deal with a Chat Bot, you’ll always be able to liaise with your own dedicated Fashion Words Project Manager.

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