How Fashion Words eliminated information exchange times with a major full service provider

Fashion Words has always also worked for technology companies operating in the fashion industry, in particular full service providers. These are companies that manage e-commerce on behalf of fashion brands, which can therefore concentrate on their core business by outsourcing all or part of their online sales management.

Workflow before automation

The collaboration with the full service provider in question – which we are not mentioning explicitly for privacy reasons – saw a sharp increase in the volume of requests over time. Due to the high number of commissioned projects, the time taken to manage communications and the flow of various activities was considerable on both sides, and the workflow was sometimes cumbersome.

Each request was created by the client’s management system, which then sent it to Fashion Words via email. Once the message was received, our team would transfer the data to the company’s management system to generate the offer, which was then sent to the client for approval. Only then could we move on to the project management, which, once completed, was delivered to the client via email.

This standard workflow had become inefficient due to the large number of exchanges and operational actions required on a daily basis.

Workflow after automation

The solution we found to drastically reduce the amount of repetitive tasks with little added value was to integrate our management systems with those of the client.

By doing so, a request for quotation that originates in the customer’s management system is automatically transferred to that of Fashion Words, without the need for any other type of exchange or manual process.

Once the request is displayed – directly on its own system – Fashion Words completes the offer, which immediately appears on the customer’s management system, and can be approved with a simple click. In the same way, the delivery is made by Fashion Words through its management software: the material is then automatically transferred to the customer’s management software, without the need to create attachments or emails.

While working on their own tool, both parties can see what is happening on the other side in real time, as if they belonged to the same organisation.

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