Multilingual error prevention service

The Fashion Words error prevention service ensures that your website’s multilingual content is accurate and consistent at the most crucial moment: when the end user interfaces with your brand’s online image. 

Guaranteed excellence in every language

In the world of fashion, style and accuracy must always come first. Likewise, the content of your brand’s website must be flawless in every respect, particularly in terms of the language. Our error prevention service was created precisely from this need: to guarantee the highest quality of a brand website, in every language in which it is conveyed. We are well aware that, despite the excellent quality of the translations, it is not uncommon for all kinds of errors to be accidentally introduced when uploading content. Our know-how allows us to carry out a thorough check of the website not only from the point of view of linguistic correctness, but also from that of stylistic coherence, in order to convey a solid brand identity that is immediately recognisable to your international audience. 

Website updates: quality comes first

For fashion brands, a website is more than just a virtual space: it is a representation of the brand’s mission and style. The content needs to be updated continuously, especially in view of seasonal changes or promotions such as Black Friday or Christmas. Updates, however, can lead to the introduction of errors that impact the user experience and brand perception. Our error prevention service is designed especially for these situations and is offered exclusively to our long-standing partner customers. It is a service that demonstrates our commitment to the brands with whom we have developed a long-established relationship of trust.

Our approach to error prevention service

Every element of your website plays a crucial role in optimising the user experience. This is precisely why our error prevention service is designed to leave nothing to chance. We focus primarily on the most clicked pages, such as the home page and product pages, making sure that every icon, every link and every piece of text is aligned with the brand’s language style and identity. Our team of experts performs a thorough review, which detects and corrects any critical linguistic aspects or style nuances, so that your website is not only free of linguistic errors, but also stimulating and engaging for the end user. This type of approach, which is both targeted and exhaustive, allows us to provide a service that goes beyond the standard proofreading, and examines the entire user experience. 

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