Editing & proofreading for fashion

In the fashion world, images capture the audience’s attention, but it is the words that convince them. Your content is the thread that makes up the fabric of your brand, which must not just be about appearances, but also stories, descriptions and messages that leave their mark on the reader.

The essence of
fashion content

Every brand in the fashion industry needs content that conveys its identity while providing important technical and functional information. This is one of the key elements needed to excel in the fashion world. Our team of editors and proofreaders has in-depth knowledge of industry terminology and the linguistic style that characterises the fashion world. From product descriptions to newsletters, and from your blog to your social media content: no matter how diverse it is, the language of fashion holds no secrets for our team of linguists. They will enhance each piece of content to ensure that it speaks effectively and engagingly to your audience, whether they are customers, partners or the press.

Greater clarity for
effective communication

To produce truly effective content and achieve high-quality localisation, the secret ingredient is editing. Product descriptions, newsletters, social media text, and press releases: in fashion content, getting the nuance right makes all the difference. That is why every text we deliver, whether a translation or copy written by us, undergoes a careful editing phase in which the text is reworked where necessary to best convey complex cultural nuances, puns, stylistic aspects and specific tone of voice. Our professional editors also ensure that the text is coherent, flowing and consistent, in keeping not only with your brand’s specific style guide, but also with the cultural context of your target audience and industry. Editing allows your texts to express themselves to their full potential, to really convey what you want to say in the most incisive and appropriate way.

Language style

Your content will be optimised to have a significant impact on your target audience.

Working with the style guide

We make sure that we deliver copy that is consistent with your brand style guide and is perfectly in line with your brand identity and customer base.

Brand voice

We adapt the tone of voice and style of your content so that it resonates with your audience while staying true to your brand voice.


Our editing ensures that the readability of the original text is also maintained in the target text, thus avoiding unnatural and sloppy translations.

The quality control
that makes your content flawless

The quality control of a text is not complete without the proofreading phase. In fashion texts, the appeal of the content or the clarity of expression are not enough to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards of the target market: the end product needs to be flawless, just like a perfectly tailored suit.

That is why, after being edited, our texts undergo a careful revision phase: a thorough check that resolves any type of oversight, typo or error, be it spelling, grammar or syntactic. Our reviewers also use all their expertise to ensure that the terms approved in your brand glossaries are always used appropriately and in full compliance with your guidelines. But it doesn’t end here. Every culture requires different formatting, dates don’t always read the same, punctuation marks can vary greatly from one language to another, and Fashion Words makes sure that all these elements are correct and aligned. The end result will be a highly consistent text, in line with your brand identity and the image you want to convey in all languages, for a positive impact on your global marketing.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation

We meticulously remove any spelling or grammatical mistakes, typos or punctuation errors, to allow your brand to present itself in an extremely consistent and professional way.

Sentence structure

Our proofreaders ensure that the sentences in your texts follow a logical linguistic structure: the correctness of propositions, conjunctions, connectors and other syntactic elements is of paramount importance for presenting your brand at its very best.

Translation errors

Slight changes in content can affect the meaning of your text. Our experienced proofreaders avoid mistranslations that could have a negative impact on the perception of your brand and products.

International formatting

Different languages have substantial variations in the way dates, numbers and currencies are written. Fashion Words ensures that these elements conform to the standards of your target market.

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