Multilingual content workflow automation

Fashion Words has developed automation solutions that revolutionise multilingual content creation, saving you time and resources, reducing manual tasks, and improving the efficiency of your global communication. 

Understanding the challenge in the world of multilingual content creation

Managing the complex workflow of content creation and translation in the global marketplace is an ambitious challenge. At Fashion Words, we know that the biggest obstacle is the loss of valuable time and resources associated with manual administrative tasks. The conventional method for managing translation and copy creation projects, which usually involves a consistent flow of emails, frequent phone calls, and coordination of cumbersome manual tasks, consumes valuable resources and negatively impacts your brand’s ability to connect with its international audience quickly and effectively.

Administrative delays

Exchanges of emails and phone calls take time to handle customer requests.

Exchange of files and other information

Sending the files to be processed, creating the proposal and the final delivery involve cumbersome steps, which make the project management not very smooth.

Inefficient content management

Organising and managing different file formats and content types contributes to the workflow complexity.

Optimising your content workflow

Imagine how convenient it would be if you could automatically manage complex tasks such as customer-supplier communication, file exchange, proposal approval and project delivery. Organising and managing content would become an agile and timely task. Fashion Words offers a targeted automation solution to directly address these critical points when managing important translation projects.

Efficient system integration

We can connect your internal organisation systems directly to ours, thus eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.

Faster project completion

By keeping manual steps to a minimum, we are able to significantly reduce the overall time spent on translation project management.

Investing in long-term success

We believe that investing in automation is not just a short-term solution, but a winning strategy to improve quality over time. Our solutions are especially suitable for companies that have a constant and substantial need to create and translate content. With Fashion Words, you are choosing more than a translation agency: we are a partner who participates in your global communication strategy and wants to ensure your success in international markets.

Customised project management

We focus on precise project management tasks and rely on efficient coordination of the entire IT team.

Focus: long-term partnerships

Our solutions are designed to establish long-lasting partnerships, which are particularly advantageous for companies with ongoing, high-volume translation requirements.

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