Translating sustainability reports for fashion brands

Sustainability reports demonstrate your brand’s commitment to the environment by highlighting supply chain traceability, ethical material sourcing and production methods, and environmental impact assessments carried out during product development. Fashion Words will help you share these results with your stakeholders in their own native languages.

Sustainability reports for a global audience

Every fashion brand should conduct its business with sustainability in mind. Sustainability, however, involves more than just caring about the fate of the planet and taking minor steps along these lines; it’s one of the most important goals a brand is expected to pursue.

Everyone—from investors to customers and partners—wants to see clear, precise and visible information that demonstrates your brand’s commitment to safeguarding the environment. If this commitment isn’t conveyed in your global stakeholders’ native languages, you risk losing their support and investment. It’s a conundrum we at Fashion Words know all too well, which is why we offer translations of sustainability reports that encourage investment and leave you well prepared for a sustainable global economy.

Key fashion terminology

FSC certification, cradle-to-cradle, closed-loop, cruelty-free, fair trade, etc.: sustainability reports in the fashion industry contain specific technical terms and language that may be unfamiliar to non-professionals. Our experienced fashion linguists use state-of-the-art technology to deliver accurate, timely translations of your brand’s sustainability-related terminology into any language you require.

A story that sets your brand apart

Any effective sustainability report features excellent storytelling, explaining how your company was born and grew, the current sustainability strategy it has in place and what measures it’s taking to reduce its carbon footprint. Thanks to an in-depth understanding of fashion brands and their values, Fashion Words is able to convey—effectively and in different languages—the practical steps your brand is taking to become more sustainable and have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Letters from senior management

When you look at sustainability reports for major fashion brands, it’s clear to see straight away that they all follow a very specific pattern: first of all, each report begins with a letter from the CEO. This first part differs from the rest of the document, which goes on to present data in the form of numbers, measurements and graphs and to highlight the brand’s achievements and milestones in the field of sustainability. The letter opening a sustainability report needs to be translated very carefully, as it gives the reader their first impression. To make this kind of content accessible for international readers, an engaging translation that sounds natural in various target languages is vital.

Why Fashion Words?

Fashion experts

Drawing on its expert knowledge of fashion, our team offers effective solutions that’ll make your style shine in any language, setting your brand apart on the global market straight away.

Time to market

Thanks to our exceptional linguistic skills and technological expertise in the fashion field, we can accelerate your time to market and help your brand stay a step ahead at all times.

Bespoke service

Just like a bespoke suit, our language services are tailored perfectly to the needs of your brand. Our project managers will take great care with any request you may have, giving it the special individual treatment it deserves.

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