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Our fashion

The language of fashion, in any language combination

traduzioni moda

The languages of fashion

We translate in any language combination, ranging from much-requested European languages to Eastern languages, and even entirely unusual and rare combinations.

Currently the most highly requested languages in the fashion industry are:

# English
# French
# German
# Spanish
# Russian
# Polish
# Chinese
# Japanese
# Korean

Our translator selection process

I traduttori di Fashion Words

Fashion Words is particularly meticulous when it comes to its translator selection process. Our recruiters are constantly searching for the best translation talent in the fashion industry.

On average, only 1 professional out of 20 passes our selection process to become part of our expert fashion team.

To work with Fashion Words, translators must possess the following characteristics:

# be a native speaker of the target language
# be a professional translator with at least 5 years of experience
# hold a university degree
# have solid experience in translating for the fashion and luxury sectors

They must also pass all the steps in our recruitment process. For example, we initially conduct a telephone interview and online chat to quickly check that they are native speakers and to verify their understanding of their working language. It is during this step, for example, that we reject all those professionals who state that they know Italian, yet are unable to speak or write it fluently.

The second step in the selection process involves the classic “translation test”. In our case, we give the translator a fashion text test that contains various types of difficulties, both in terms of terminology and text comprehension and the complexity of transposing the key messages into another language.

Yet the real selection occurs with the first few translation assignments. A trusted senior translator “works alongside” the new translator and regularly checks all the texts they deliver. It is during this step that we reject the majority of the translators. Unfortunately, the quality of their actual work assignments does not always correspond to the initial translation test.

Following on from this early shadowing – and only after we have gathered sufficient feedback that is completely positive – the new translator finally becomes part of our team and can carry out translation assignments for our clients independently. Yet even after this step, translators are constantly assessed through our quality control procedure on the work carried out and, if necessary, with the supervision of other senior translators. This is how we can identify any errors or non-conformities in the texts produced by each translator before delivering them to our client.

The value of
our translations

Our clients are looking for excellent professional translations. They find much more.



  • Analyse the source file and resolve any critical issues with the client
  • Correct the spelling of the source text
  • Define the style, terminology and translation rules with the client
  • Build a glossary for the client
  • Revise and reuse translations provided by the client
  • Recover and reuse translation memories
  • Create the pre-translated file



  • Professional translation in one or several languages
  • Professional native-speaker translators specialised in the fashion industry
  • One translator for the entire project, to guarantee consistent terminology and style
  • Post-translation quality control
  • Post-translation check for completeness and consistency
  • Build translation memories for the client
  • Insert the translations in a new file and/or create multilingual files
  • Maintain the formatting and layout of the source file
  • Maintain the html tags and other codes of the source file



  • Delivery date in writing at the beginning of the job
  • Delivery guaranteed 100% with penalties for any lateness
  • Intermediate partial deliveries
  • Urgent and extremely urgent translations within 1 hour of confirmation
  • Real-time translations via chat
  • Flexibility to change priorities while translation is in progress
  • Deliver ahead of planned date



  • Superior customer service
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Instant responses that resolve your problems
  • Reduction and streamlining of clarification requests for the client
  • Management of changes to the source text during translation
  • Management of client requests during translation
  • Unlimited management of client requests after delivery
  • Unlimited storage of source texts and translations
  • Custom services on request

The Figures of
our translations

La crescita di Fashion Words


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