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Looking for multilingual marketing content that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and break through on the world stage? With Fashion Words, you can strengthen the skills of your global marketing team to connect with your target audience abroad.

Our multilingual solutions for global marketing teams

Why is translating marketing content so different from translating, say, a novel or a legal document? That’s easy: it’s because the main aim of marketing content is to encourage readers to purchase a product by making them feel a certain way. When translating, however, we have to take into account the fact that content that’s effective for Western audiences may not resonate with Eastern audiences.

As such, for the translated text to have the desired effect on the target audience, it’s sometimes possible to make significant changes to the meaning of the source text. That said, the translation strategy should always be adapted based on the impact each type of text has on its readers. Need high-priority content (like a tagline) or less important material (like reviews on an online platform) translated? In the table below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best solution to meet your needs.

Machine translation post-editing

Content created by users: 
+ Reviews
+ Comments posted online

Classic translation

+ Websites
+ E-commerce platforms
+ Product descriptions
+ SEO metadata


+ Landing pages
+ Google Ads
+ Newsletters
+ Social media posts

What is transcreation?

Did you know that in some cases, classic translation isn’t enough to make your content effective abroad? While the translation may be technically correct and sound smooth, the content won’t be as valuable if it doesn’t strike the right notes to make the target audience feel the way you want them to. The solution to this problem? Transcreation! Our professional transcreators take your message and rewrite it, using the right words to evoke the same feelings inspired by the source text in your international target audience.

We translate newsletters with style

The newsletter is one of the most effective tools to promote your fashion brand globally. It allows you to tell stories in short bursts and update your audience in a super-quick yet consistent way, arousing their curiosity and interest. Aware of just how important this tool is, we at Fashion Words take care of every minute detail when translating newsletters, delivering work that reflects your message fully while being effective for target readers. This is the one sure-fire way of transforming your emails into an effective tool for retaining customers in the long term.

Localised PPC solutions

Want to grab the attention of a global audience? Pay-per-click advertising is definitely a good idea, but it won’t generate the results you want if the language used in your CTAs, headings and so forth hasn’t been properly thought out for the target audience. For an advertising campaign to be truly effective abroad, the content must be tailored to the target readers. We at Fashion Words will make sure that your keywords, USP and copy sound irresistible to foreign audiences, resulting in the conversion rates you’ve always wanted.

Loyal followers,
multicultural communities

By underlining the importance of establishing a genuine connection with your audience, social media platforms have completely changed the way in which fashion brands communicate. Simply being present in these virtual spaces isn’t enough; you have to use them to your advantage to shape the community’s perception of your brand. Now that brands and customers interact with just the click of a button, you can’t afford any lapses in style. Fashion Words will help you create social media content that transcends all cultural barriers.

Land safely with your landing page

Creating an effective newsletter or ad in a foreign language is the first major step in converting international users into customers. But your job’s not done there: after clicking “SHOP NOW” or on the link presented to them, the user has to “land” on a web page whose message is designed specifically for them. That’s the only way to keep them from leaving the website! If you’re looking for persuasive content for your landing page that’ll keep your users’ attention, we highly recommend our creative translation service, transcreation.

Why choose Fashion Words?

Flawless newsletters

When working with digital content, mistakes and oversights—like a wrong link, an omission, a typo, an incorrectly set language, etc.—are just waiting to creep in. With our Safe Check service, we check your multilingual newsletters thoroughly before they’re sent to your customers, alerting you to any technical or linguistic issues that may come up and allowing you to remedy them before sending. This service can be tailored to your requirements: simply send us your check-list and we’ll find even the tinniest hidden mistake!

Bespoke workflows

Looking for a language service provider that specialises in fashion and will support you every step of the way? Fashion Words is a partner you can trust, from copywriting to final checks of all versions of content in different languages. But that’s not all: working with you, we’ll create the perfect, highly flexible workflow that’s not just tailored to your needs, but integrates seamlessly with your existing procedures and processes.

Fast turnaround times for an ever-changing industry

Dedicating every moment of our working time to a sector whose trends change in a flash, we’ve optimised our production processes to keep up with the industry’s lightning-fast pace. Need a translation done urgently? Fashion Words offers ultra-fast turnaround times, right down to less than an hour after your request is submitted.

Your Tone of Voice in different languages

We at Fashion Words have your brand’s communication strategy at heart. Whether you’ve identified what sets the language you use apart and drawn up a style guide or chosen the technical terms that reflect you best, we’ll make sure that these are adhered to in all content across all languages.

Our multilingual marketing solutions
guarantee global success

Video marketing

We adapt your media content for foreign markets, maximising your brand’s outreach.

Multilingual content

We translate product descriptions, newsletters, landing pages, social media posts and online ads between more than 120 language combinations.

Website translation

We’ll help you create the perfect multilingual site that not only delivers effective content for your target audience, but consolidates your online presence too.

Copywriting services

We create content specially designed to grab the attention of your target audience and retain them, making you rise to the top of search engine results.

International SEO

Our SEO-oriented content services will improve your search engine result ranking in your target market.

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