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Web-marketing, IT and translation experts working side-by-side:
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Fashion websites represent an increasingly crucial channel. Sales in recent years have seen exponential increases and trends are all on the rise. However, it is a channel where competition is increasing too. The basic level required to be an active player in this sector is rising rapidly. Web-marketing techniques are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

In a scenario such as this, a successful e-commerce site cannot merely settle for good translations. It must be able to count on a language partner who knows how to liaise proactively and offer advanced services and consultancy. When it comes to tackling global competition on the web, you must balance the elements of language and style with the need for specialist SEO, within the limits set by AdWords, incorporating the keywords most frequently searched for by users.

Fashion Words has been working with the best international online stores for many years. Together, we have developed a comprehensive range of services for e-commerce sites within the fashion industry.

Experience Analysis

Fashion Words - Analisi della user experience

User experience is one aspect that should be considered extremely carefully when building a website. For example, user experience influences bounce rate, the time spent on the site and the possibility that the user will make a purchase.

In fashion, the user experience is even more important, with its value representing much more than the mere conversion rate of a landing page or an e-store.

User experience strongly influences how users perceive the value and positioning of the brand and the message conveyed to users. Even if the website does not aim to gather subscriptions for a newsletter, or to increase online sales, today no brand has the luxury of neglecting the user experience on its site. What is the overall impression that a foreign user gets? Do they find what they expect? Are the pleasantly surprised or confused? Is the content and information clear?

With its own copywriters and translators who are native speakers of the foreign languages the work in, Fashion Words carries out user experience analysis and assesses the accuracy, immediacy, completeness and coherency of the text on your website. We analyse all the user’s navigation routes, carrying out the typical operations that any user would. This ranges from the welcome on the homepage or on a landing page that aims to request general information, to searching for product codes or registration, purchasing and check-out, without forgetting about all the post-sales steps and any return requests, payments issues, etc.

To date, all our analysis results have always far exceeded the expectations of the brands we work with. The information obtained has led to a considerable number of improvements, all to the great benefit of the user experience and the user perceived value.

for SEO


Positioning yourself in the top rankings of search engines is increasingly difficult. Companies are well aware that to promote their business they need to invest considerable amounts of resources to slowly and painstakingly climb SERPs.

One of the critical elements for search engine positioning is the content on the page. That is why texts published on websites must be optimised for SEO, both in the source language of the site and on the pages dedicated to foreign markets. An excellent professional translation that is flawless in terms of style and grammar may not be understood correctly by search engine algorithms, with subsequent sanctioning and exclusion from the top rankings in search engines.

Fashion Words is able to offer professional translations optimised for search engine positioning. Together with our clients, we define the keywords to use in the foreign languages. The translator is assigned the task of writing a free, and not literal, translation that contains the right amount of approved keywords and is equally effective and comprehensible for search engines.

of AdWord

Fashion Words - Traduzione delle campagne adwords 2

In order to launch an effective and efficient AdWords campaign for international markets, the texts and keywords must be translated keeping the logic and criteria of Google AdWords front and centre.
It is not enough to simply translate the keywords and ads, but rather you must work with the specialists who manage the AdWords campaign to create a new campaign in the foreign language, which is similar but not identical to the Italian campaign.

For example, to improve the quality score of ads and minimise the AdWords CPC (Cost Per Click), you must ensure the utmost consistency between the keywords, the ad content and the landing page content.

Standard professional translation is not enough to guarantee a good AdWords quality score, especially if the translator does not fully understand the operating logic and criteria of Google AdWords. When your score is low, the CPC increases exponentially, leading to a rapid depletion of the daily budget for your campaign, without bringing about the desired number of clicks. In these situations, a copywriting service with the aim of recreating the campaign in the target language is undoubtedly better than the classic standard professional translation.



Instead of translating a list of the keywords provided by the client, Fashion Words develops a new list of keywords in the target language.

To get the best results, we search for any synonyms, or similar expressions that the user may use when searching. In short, we put ourselves in the user’s shoes and list all the possible keywords that they could use.

On the basis of this list of keywords and/or more complex key phrases, Fashion Words works with SEO specialists or Google AdWord experts to identity the most searched-for keywords or the most effective and coherent terms for the target and the goals of the campaign.



The distinctive feature of AdWords ads is that they have an extremely limited number of characters: in standard ads, there can be 25/35/35/35 characters for the title, display URLs, description line 1 and description line 2 respectively. The limits are different for extended ads and banners, yet the problem is the same for the translator.

The character limit creates a series of problems, especially in languages where words are very long. Take German for example, however there are others.

When the space available is inadequate, Fashion Words rephrases the ad in the various languages, omitting certain parts yet maintaining the same power as the source text.



When it comes to HTML meta tags, a simple professional translation may not be the best solution for getting a good ranking for your page on search engines.

Fashion Words analyses the meta tags provided by the client and, on the basis of the positioning goals, develops new tags that are optimised for search engines.

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